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XoftSpySE was very impressive. This product identified all the spyware on my test machine and actually removed it.

XoftSpySE was able to get rid of the majority of parasites on first run, and they did not come back. Most of the other programs I have used will detect the parasites, but they return immediately on reboot. I will continue testing XoftSpySE with new parasites, but as of this point in time, It has kept my machine 100% clean.

XoftSpySE also offers exceptional value. A single computer license is only $39, and this now includes RegCure for free (retails for around $49). So you get XoftSpySE, as well as a great registry/error cleaning program. Thats hard to beat.



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$39.90 - 1 computer
$59.90 - 2 computers
$79.90 - 3 computers
$99.90 - 5 computers
$549.90 - Unlimited license

Note: XoftSpySE comes bundled with RegCure for free. RegCure is very powerful software used for cleaning the registry and fixing computer errors.


- Free trial download
- Scans for more than 42,000 different Spyware and Adware parasites
- Fast & Reliable
- Find and remove threats including: Spyware, worms, hijackers, Adware, Malware, keyloggers, hacker tools, PC parasites, Trojan Horses, spy programs and trackware
- Developed by leading software engineers who have worked for companies like: Microsoft, Netscape/AOL, Advanced Micro, Boeing
- Get alerts about potentially harmful websites
- Continual updates and development
- Easy to use

Support: - Email support
- Live tech support
The Verdict:

Firstly, I just want to say that I was very impressed to see the majority of parasites removed from my test machine on the first run of XoftSpySE. My test machine is loaded with nasties and I thought it was impossible to get clean without a re-install.

I have tried Adaware, Defender, Norton and various other products, but its always the same result. These products detect the parasites, but on reboot they are back and then the parasites re-install even more junk. In one case I spent an entire week to manually clean a machine, yep, 40 hours wasted. So it was a big surprise to see the effectiveness of XoftSpySE. After running a detect and clean with XoftSpySE the machine was good to go. A detect and clean is pretty much a scan of the computer, if there are parasites on the computer, they are listed and can then be selected and deleted. After this I manually double checked everything in the registry, ran other detection programs, but nothing was found.....the machine was clean after one run of the software!

Also note that my test computer has been loaded with every nasty I could find, so I expect your computers at home or work don't have anywhere near this type of infection. But, if it could clean up my mess, then you should have no problems getting your machine safe and secure again.

A big thumbs up for XoftSpySE. They have a free trial which you should definitely try. You just cannot risk running an infected computer (I have witnessed first hand 2 cases of people having their internet banking details captured and used).

Also worth noting, this product offers a 60 day money back guarantee. I thought this was a generous offer, and it means no risk at all.

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