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RegCure Reviewed

Rating: 9.5/10

regcure - pc and registry repair software
RegCure is about the most effective and efficient registry fixing software that we have tested so far. We ran RegCure on some extensively damaged machines and not only did it find virtually all of the registry problems, it fixed them and increased speed dramatically.

As an overall repair and PC optimization tool, RegCure is a must have. For just a few bucks it will save you lots of time in debugging and fixing registry errors, missing DLLs and it will boost overall PC speed by a nice amount. Prior to using RegCure I did most of the fixes manually, but it took alot of time in research and then taking the risk in editing the registry. Now I can just click a button and my PC is optimized, which leaves more time to do my real work.


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The free scan is a trial download that you can install and run on your machine. It will detect any existing errors on your PC.


- Free trial download
- Compatible with all major Windows operating systems
- Includes full backup utility
- Detects and repairs Windows registry problems
- Optimizes and speeds up your PC
- Continual updates and development

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Screen Shots: regcure - pc registry repairregcure - pc registry repair
regcure - pc registry repairregcure - pc registry repair
The Verdict:

RegCure is a very useful product that will save anyone a ton of time. If you have a technical background, you have probably tinkered with the Windows registry and know what a pain it can be. This tool does the job with a click of a button.

For non-technical folk, the news is even better. The program is extremely easy to install and you can feel safe knowing that your computer will be repaired correctly.

We also found a great overall improvement in speed after running RegCure. So with less time needed for debugging errors, and an increased overall PC speed, there is a double gain in time.

If you have PC errors, a corrupted registry or general problems with Windows, then this is definitely worth a look.

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