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Pareto Logic Anti-Spyware

For the price, I was not expecting much from ParetoLogic Anti-Spyware. Fortunately I was blown away. This product has the nicest interface out of them all, and is just so easy to use.

This product is broken down into two sections: the anti-spyware component and the active protection component. It does the typical scan and removal of parasites but offers an extra layer of protection to stop future infection, browser modifiction, hijacks etc.

I am really impressed with this product and it comes very close to XoftSpySE. If you need a registry cleaner, go with XoftSpySE. If you just need a straight anti spyware, then go with this product.


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$29.95 - 1 computer
$49.95 - 2 computers
$69.95 - 3 computers
$89.95 - 5 computers
$695 - Unlimited license


- Free trial download
- Scans for more than 40,000 different Spyware and Adware parasites
- Excellent user interface
- Find and remove threats including: Spyware, worms, hijackers, Adware, Malware, keyloggers, hacker tools, PC parasites, Trojan Horses, spy programs and trackware
- Offers powerful active protection options
- Developed by leading software engineers who have worked for companies like: Microsoft, Netscape/AOL, Advanced Micro, Boeing
- Get alerts about potentially harmful websites
- Continual updates and development
- Easy to use

Support: - Email support
- Live tech support
The Verdict:

ParetoLogic Anti-Spyware is the best bang for buck software that I have tested. It has a great interface that is very simple to use.

This product offers two levels of protection. One is the anti-spyware scanning and removal, the other is active protection. This added layer of protection is very important for preventing future infections.

The spyware scanning and removal worked well. It offers various types of scans (files, registry, processes), and it detected all of the parasites on my test machine and had no problems removing these. A scan will simply list all parasites with a threat level and you can then choose which ones to remove. Re-infestation of the parasites did not occur either (a common problem with other anti-spyware software).

The active protection allows you to set what kind of protection you require, from low-high. You can also monitor both windows and the internet. This stops things such as browser hijacks, browser helper objects, browser modifictions, network hijacks, windows startup settings and windows shell. Don't worry, its all very easy to configure.

I could go on and on about this product, so instead I recommend you just give their free trial a whirl and see for yourself.

Overall a great product. If you need just an anti-spyware product, then this is the one. However, if you also require a registry cleaner then I would go with XoftSpySE. This product also gives a 60 day money back guarantee, so if you like the trial, you can try the full version risk free.

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