Printers will usually stop working because of two things. The problem will either be hardware related or you will have a missing driver. If it is hardware related, this can be fixed quite easily and most likely it is due to the ink levels or cartridges.

First thing you should do is check the levels of your ink cartridges and make sure there is nothing blocking the printer and no paper is stuck in the tray or inside the printer itself. Most printer problems can be fixed in less than a minute, with a few simple checks.

If you have confirmed that your printer issue is not hardware related, the next step is to check you have the drivers installed. Printers require drivers in order to function. These are small programs that communicate with the device. For example, a specifc driver would be the Canon MP450 driver. If you were using the MP450, you would need that driver installed, or the device may not function at all. Windows does provide generic drivers, but these do not always work.

You can fix drivers for your printer by re-installing the drivers that were supplied with the printer or you can use driver update software that will automatically do it. Driver update software will also scan your entire system and locate any missing or out-of-date drivers.