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Device Driver FAQ's

How do I know I have a problem with my driver?
The first way to tell that you have an issue with your driver is that the peripheral (printer, scanner etc) won't work, all these devices require a driver to work so hence not working with no driver.

You may also encounter error codes when a drive is missing or longer works, some examples of error codes are;

Will a Driver From Any Manufacture Work With My Printer?
The simple answer to this is NO. You need the specific driver for the specific peripheral, quite often even the same manufacturer has different drivers for different models.

How Can I Tell What Drivers My Computer Has?
Just go to your device manager in control panel, it has a list of the different drivers for each device on your computer

Do I need a driver to make my joystick work?
Yes. You need a driver to make any peripheral on your computer to run properly

How do I install my driver?
You would have been given a driver with your peripheral or it will automatically download the driver online. If not you can access all drivers from our massive database, just run this driver scan.